do you want to manage everything online? from stock to mailings and sample shipping? we will make this easy for you.

24/7 online order service

do you use a lot of printed materials, many displays, samples, or promo materials? As a service, Jubels will set up a 24/7 online marketing portal for you. Authorised employees can use it to manage your production, stocks and fulfilment online, 24/7. You can view the quantity of printed materials we have in stock for you in real time, submit online shipping orders, receive emails if the minimum stock has been reached, and you can submit production orders. On top of that, you can view PDFs of all components. This is the all-round tool for managing all your (house-style) printing, supporting your sales department, and printing on demand.

Jubels 24/7 online marketing portal benefits
tailor-made in your house style, you decide who to authorise for what
turn printed materials into templates online, on-demand printing – finished within 24 hours, shipping to your address database, real-time overview of your stock at Jubels, submit shipping orders to wherever you want, alert if minimum stock is reached, submit production orders, submit shipping orders to partners, advanced management information.

unlimited possibilities
with the 24/7 online marketing portal (JOBS), Jubels will become an extension of your organisation, which means you can have anything made, delivered and shipped remotely. we can scale this up without limits.